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Solidarity Walk

Why a Solidarity Walk?

Pride is resistance. We are walking together to resist those who are trying to silence us, diminish us, divide us. 

Accessibility Notes

Parking is available at Nose Creek Park or Towerlanes Mall.  There is not transportation between. The distance is about 1 km. Bathrooms are available at the Airdrie Public Library near City Hall or Nose Creek Park facilities. 

City Hall at  10:30

We will be walking from City Hall to Nose Creek Park.  We will meet at City Hall at 10:30.  After a short speech we ask that Indigenous,  Queer People of Colour and Disabled folks lead the walk down main street south.  

In the 1960's queer folk were rioting and demanding safety. After the Stonewall Riots in 1969, organizers wanted to build on that spirit of resistance and planned a march called "Gay Pride" 

No Second Agenda

We ask that those participating in the Solidarity Walk leave other agendas aside.  Please no in uniform participation,  political parties, marketing and no corporations. 

Persevering Together

There have been amazing feats accomplished and more to come.  By walking together, we commit to continuing this work.

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